Richard and Helene (Oetken) Lamken Family History

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Helene Talka Oetken was born December 31, 1857, in Guselhurst, Westerstede, Oldenburg, Germany to John and Ann (Behren) Lamken. Helene was the second of six children. Richard Otto Lamken was also born in Guselhurst, Westerstede, Oldenburg, Germany on February 13, 1860 to Otto and Helene (Dierks). His mother died several weeks after his birth.

Richard and Helene had known each other in while living in Germany where they grew up. Helene worked for many years in Germany to save enough money to come to the United States; which had been nearly a life long dream for her. In 1882, at the age of 25, she sailed to the United States, and then came by train to Burlington, Iowa. In 1884 Richard arrived in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, at the age of 24. Richard and Helene were married on August 17, 1886, in Burlington, Iowa. They had six children, losing their first son Otto in infancy. They raised four daughters Anna, Amelia, Emma, and Hallene and one son Fred. Over these years they bought and sold several farms all in Iowa. In later years, after all their children had grown, Richard and Helene moved to Littleton, Colorado. Richard passed away on May 16, 1922 and Helene died on April 19, 1936. The couple is buried at the cemetery in Villisca, Iowa.

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